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We Ryot Agro Private Limited are an Agri-Tech Startup founded in 2022. Our office is in Velielchal, Kothamangalam, Ernakulam District, Kerala

We specialize in manufacturing new agricultural Machinery. As our initial product, we have developed a machine  “Automatic Cocoa Bean Separating Machine”. This machine is used to break the Cocoa pods & to separate cocoa beans automatically. The primary focus of the company is to help farmers & increase productivity through mechanization in agriculture.

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  • The machine will separate 300-350 kg of cocoa beans in 1 hour for a large machine & the small machine will separate 100-150 Kg of cocoa beans in 1 hour, thereby reducing the time required for cocoa bean separation.
  • The machine can be operated by the farmer alone, thereby reducing the labor cost compared with the manual process of cocoa pod breaking & cocoa bean separation.
  • The machine is provided with protective covers, so there is no chance of being injured.
  • Fewer chances of faults, since the machine is working fully mechanically.

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Our product Automatic Cocoa Bean Separating Machine is used to Break the cocoa fruits & separate cocoa beans automatically